At a Standstill

Truth be told I’m at a standstill and I’m still yet to leave the front garden. I am so tired. The clouds above are grey and threatening rain. I want to go inside and hide. I want to but I haven’t. Yes, maybe I am sitting still on the concreate path getting colder by the minute. No, I haven’t actually stepped out onto the road and really made a start on this journey, but I haven’t turned back either.

I’m still here. Right now surely that counts for something. 

One thought on “At a Standstill

  1. It's called “resting”, we all need to do that sometimes. Remember to be kind to yourself and each day as it comes. Being here, even if you're being still, that counts. Maybe the sun will peep out from behind the clouds tomorrow and tempt you…
    or maybe the next day.


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