Placement Week 2

I went to my GP, she’s a big, bubbly, super expressive woman who has a son with anxiety. She told me I had low blood pressure, but unless I collapsed while I was exercising, I had nothing to worry about. Then she confirmed exactly what I had thought – going in was the issue, I needed to do it as soon as possible. I have been back to the hospital, mum took me up there just to sit for half an hour while she went shopping. I could do that without panicking. I set a target for my next shift: Follow my mentor around like a little lost sheep and don’t worry about anything else.


I was very anxious, but I coped. We did the drugs round and I didn’t faint, it was already better than day one! I was also on the lady’s bay and some of them were quite chatty and very sweet to me. One woman was very upset, I went over to her, held her hand and let her talk. She told me I had nice eyes and I would make a good nurse. It made my day. I was feeling so lost and uncomfortable. She made me feel like I had potential and didn’t need to run away and give up now – thank you brain for the ever useful advice.


My mentor is hard to work with. I don’t know if she’s had many students before, which is difficult because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. She doesn’t explain things or tell me what she wants me to do or make time to do my paperwork. If I was someone else, I would probably have the confidence to bring that up. But I’m me and I feel like I’m barely staying afloat as it is. I do not have the spoons to have an awkward conversation. I feel like she thinks I’m fragile and totally incompetent. Maybe I’m just projecting, I don’t know. We haven’t had a chance to go through my paperwork, which explains my reasonable adjustments, so that is only making things worse.


Conclusion: My mentor sucks, but I love nursing.


2 thoughts on “Placement Week 2

  1. Hi Well done for going in. You are doing it and that’s so good. I also think you will be a great nurse by the way. 🙂


  2. Hi Bobs, tips for new nursing students ! get in with the health care assistants, ask them to tell you what to do, and how to do it , say you haven’t got a clue, but you want to learn. then do everything they do, everything they ask you to, especially if your mentor is crap ! Do all the washes, make all the beds, empty all the commodes, do all the shit jobs ! say I can do that if you like, a lot, say do you need a hand, can I help ? could you show me how to do that, can you show me where this is then I will know next time etc etc. the more you show willing the more they will be ok with you. If they see you are willing to work hard, then all will be fine ! laugh at and apologise for your incompetence if you can ! ( eg. oh dearie me, I didn’t do that very well did I, does it get easier / hope it will be easier / quicker next time) – – how could you have a clue what to do – you have only just started ! its fine not to know – its not fine to make out you do know – they hate that ! Once you’ve got the HCA’s ( or is it CSW’s ! ) on side you are laughing !! Which ward are you on ? Laburnum ? I used to work there !
    When you get a bit more used to the ward, then you can be proactive with your competencies, just pick a couple, and say can we work on these this week, could we go through this today, I wonder what I need to do for this one etc.
    The more proactive you are (when you have found your feet ! ) the better – eventually you will be going, “oh yesterday I did this and this, do you think that if I reflected on that, then we could sign this one off, could you go through this with me,” etc

    lots of love, brave one !


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