Placement Week 4

Despite Monday bringing a huge relief, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in a distracted state. I wasn’t sure whether Thursday would be me getting back to placement or me having to hurriedly try to rearrange a placement somewhere else.

My Link Lecturer visited the Ward Manager first and discussed my reasonable adjustments. She ten returned to give me forewarning that the Ward Manager and one of the ward Sisters, now my co-mentor would be in the meeting. She also gave me a list of shift dates running until the end of placement, with who I would be on shift with noted down. I marked the ones I couldn’t do and we went into the meeting. The Ward Manager was much more positive and went out of her way to tell me how angry she was with the university for not passing on the information about my adjustments sooner. She even apologised, albeit while absolving herself of any blame ‘I’m sorry things have been so difficult, I’m angry too.’ Still, I will take what I can get. All of my reasonable adjustments were accepted, although most of them required me to give some justification first. Meeting over with and shifts arranged, the only thing left to panic about was how to make up my hours. With a bit of luck I will be able to do a shift a week over the uni block.

I spent my first day back with my favourite staff nurse – but don’t tell her that, she’ll get a big head – so that was a nice way to start. She likes me because I make good tea. The most exciting part of the day was learning to give subcutaneous injections. I’m told I shouldn’t refer to that as ‘I learned to stab people today!’ It makes people question my suitability as a nurse. My first practice patient, a very sweet older lady, said that I was wonderful and that she didn’t feel a thing, so that was reassuring.

I spent half an hour with an awesome third year while we were writing notes. She helped me work out some goals for first placement. That helped a lot with my Initial review, which I finally got around to while spending a day doing admin with my co-mentor. The idea is to get to grips with the basics of patient care in this placement. That and learn get better at talking to people, who knew it would be so hard to remember to introduce yourself? I need a ‘Hellomynameis’ badge. Although most of our patients are over 70 and would need reading glasses to see it, so maybe not.


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